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Tree House Play School
2489 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, ON. L6L 1H9 Tel: 905.825.3433


The fees are currently:

 Preschool fees

Monthly $615
Daily $50

Kindergarten fees
Monthly $340
Daily $50

After School fees
Monthly $315
Daily $50

Fees include school PD days. Spring Break, Christmas Break and Summer Break involve extra fees.
We accept many forms of payment here at Tree House; Visa, Debit, Cheque, and Cash


Some families are eligible for a child care subsidy from the Child Care Services Unit, Health and Social Services. We will provide information to families who want to know about and access this subsidy. 

It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that their subsidy is kept up to date. If the subsidy payment is not made on time it will be the responsibility of the family to pay the fees in full.

In addition to regular fees, there are also fees associated with costs of field trips and transportation throughout the year. During Christmas, Spring Break and the Summer months all families will be required to provide a monthly bus pass or bus tickets strips for outings.


How fees are paid;

* Rates are monthly and must be paid in the first 5 business day of the month

* We accept Debit, Visa, Cash, and Cheques

* Reciepts are provided



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